Welcome to Invitacio.com

The best way to invite all your friends to your party or share your wishes, regardless if they use facebook/google or not.

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Platform independent

We don't force you to have a facebook or google account. You can use invitacio with a google, microsoft, facebook account. If you don't have one of those account, you can create an invitacio account.

The people you invite to your event are not required to have an account at all. They can just access your event though a link emailed to them, without the need to login or register!

Get your contacts from everywhere

With invitacio you can get your contact from:

  • Google contacts
  • Office 365 / Outlook.com
  • Facebook (only contacts that also use Invitacio)
  • Or manually add them to invitacio

And we don't store your passwords or abuse your accounts in any way!

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